Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How can I play the workouts if I do not have a DVD player?  

Answer: You can receive all online workouts for a small additional fee.  Refer to the website for pricing.   Or, another great option is to purchase a portable DVD player (range from $39+ at Walmart, Target or other)

Question:  How do I know what program is best for me?

Answer:  If you can navigate from the floor to a chair easily, then any of the programs will be appropriate for you. If, however, you have limitations due to knee injuries, limited strength and not able to navigate from the floor to the chair, the Beginner/Senior Package would be the best place to start.

Question:  Which workout should I start with?

Answer:  Provided you can navigate from the floor to a chair easily, you can get started with any of the workouts.   Each workout is uniquely different.

Question:  I opened my package and I only have two hooks. Am I supposed to have four?

Answer:  No, you only need one hook at each end of the tension cords (connect one to each ring with one or both tension cords attached to one hook).

Question:  Can I order by phone?

Answer:  Yes. Please call 612-248-2333

Question:  Can I purchase the other workouts later if I don’t order with my package right away?

Answer:  Yes. All workouts are available for purchase on individual DVDS.

Question:  I am having a problem with the DVD that come with my package and includes 11 short workouts (the DVD in white envelope).

Answer:  Unfortunately, many households still own older DVD models. The navigation of this particular DVD requires a relatively new DVD player. You may request the online workout links and be put on a list to receive a replacement DVD. This DVD is being redone to work with the older version DVD players to resolve this issue.

Question:  Can I purchase a 2nd set of rings without any DVDs?

Answer:  Yes, however, this is not offered on the website at this time. Please contact customer care at CustomerCare@3X3FIT.com to request the 2nd set. An agent will call you back quickly to take your order.

Question:  Do you have any stores that carry the 3X3FIT! program?

Answer:  Not at this time.

Question:  I am a fitness instructor (or gym owner) and would like to purchase the rings for my class members. Is there a discount?

Answer:  We will be introducing to the club industry on a National level in August (or sooner).  There will be special pricing for studio/gym members with a minimum purchase order.  We will make that information available to you very soon.

Question:  Some of the instructors in the footage appear to be using 2 sets of cords. How do I get a 2nd set of cords and what is the reason for them?

Answer:  Yes, you may purchase a second set of tension cords. They are $10. They will be made available on the website soon, however, for now please contact customercare@3X3FIT.com with your request. A representative will contact you quickly.   The 2nd set of cords will amplify your stretches. New workouts will soon be made available that will incorporate the 2nd set of cords, however, they are not required in the current DVD workouts.

Question:  What is your return policy?

Answer:  RETURN POLICY: Returns are accepted if received within 14 days of purchase and will be credited full amount of purchase less the shipping and handling cost. Return shipping is responsibility of customer. Beauty products excluded. All beauty products are final sale. All returns must be in brand new condition (with any tags that might be included in apparel) and unworn. Refunds will be issued with-in 3 days of receipt.

Question:  What happens if a ring breaks?

Answer:  Please email CustomerCare@3X3FIT.com and a replacement ring will be shipped to you promptly.

Question:  Does your product contain LATEX?

Answer:  No.  Everything in the 3X3FIT products are latex free.

Question:  What materials are used in the construction of your RINGS?

Answer:  The internal structure of the RINGS are made from steel.  The outer material is made of a sponge foam material, commonly referred to as closed cell foam.  Together they form a great combination of strength, durability and comfort.

Question:  How long does it take to ship?

Answer:  Standard shipping is via FedEx Smartpost.  FedEx Ground transports to your local post office and then the USPS usually delivers the package.  In some cases, FedEx handles the package all the way to your door.  Standard shipping is 5-7 business days and in some cases it may be up to 10-business days but that is usually remote locations on the East and West Coast.  Our business in located in Minneapolis, MN so the majority of our shipments are in the 5-7 business day range.  RUSH Shipping is 1-3 business days via USPS Priority Mail, including Alaska & Hawaii.